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Vintiques Car Club of Yakima

....Street Rods never lose their COOL


New Member Application

Any person, over 16 years of age and of good character interested in Street Rodding Activities is eligible for membership. The initiation fee is a one time fee of $15.00 + $30.00 annual dues renewable by February 1st of each year. ALL member dues are due February 1st regardless of when they joined. However, if joining October 1st - February 1st new members will not have to pay until the following year.
Payment at the end can be made securely through PayPal, mailed or brought to any meeting in person. (Note: membership will NOT be valid until payment is received and confirmed).
This area is for the MAIN MEMBER (usually the husband). Spouse/Partner info will be entered on a later page.
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An Associate Member is a Spouse/SO (Significant Other) or Child (13 to ­18) living in the home of a full member. It is not required a Spouse/SO or Child be an Associate to participate in Vintiques functions, however, it is required for him/her to have the right to vote or to be eligible to hold office on the Board of Directors. The annual fee is $10.00 per Associate due by February 1st of each year with no initiation fee.
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